Swab Rescue Bodies

Since our first squad truck in 1937, Swab rescue bodies have been renowned for their quality of construction, innovative designs, complete customization, and longevity of service life.

Long Service Life for Long Service to Life

Over 80 years of rescue body experience at your service

All Swab rescue bodies feature tubular aluminum or stainless steel frame construction. This tubular body skeleton sets Swab bodies apart from the competition. Bodies are welded into a free-standing structure in which individual, free-standing compartment boxes are then installed. Compartment boxes do not share a common wall with another compartment box, front, or rear body panels. As all outside body paneling is affixed to the skeletal structure of the body, accident repairs are much easier to perform on Swab rescue bodies than on bodies where compartment boxes and outside walls make up the structure of the body itself. Additionally, a 2” air space around all compartment boxes allows for proper ventilation, and provides space to conceal wiring and hoses behind and between the compartment boxes. No wiring is ever seen running down the back or across the ceiling of a Swab rescue compartment. The best part? All Swab rescue bodies are easily transferable to new chassis.

The Commander Series

Built to bring the whole squad no matter the chassis, the Commander Series offers fully custom body and interior layouts to fit your needs. The body features a welded tubular aluminum frame construction, standard ROM roll-up doors, full-radius wheelhousing liners and non-extruded door and door frame construction for seamless appearance and resistance to corrosion. The interior of the body is fully lined and insulated, boasts a 125″ treadplate floor and riser, and offers an array of cabinetry, command desk, seating, lighting, and power combinations, including an under-seat squad bench compartment for extra storage. All compartment boxes are free-standing welded .125″ treadplate and do not share a common wall with any other compartment. Slam-shut, body side flush hinged compartment doors, and stainless steel construction are other available options to further customize your Commander Series body.

The Champion Series

The Champion Series features a welded tubular aluminum frame construction with standard ROM roll-up doors, full radius wheelhousing liners, slam-shut, body side flush hinged compartment doors available, and a non-extruded door and door frame construction for a seamless appearance and resistance to corrosion. The compartment boxes are Free-standing welded .125″ treadplate and have no common walls with any other compartment. The body’s layout is customized to fit your specific needs. Our Champion Rescue bodies are also completely transferable to another chassis. We also offer optional stainless steel construction for those looking for a heavier build.

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We are an OEM distributor for Spartan custom fire chassis, however we build on almost any make of chassis. Customers are welcome to provide their own chassis, or we can provide a “turn-key” package based on your chassis specifications.