Brush Trucks

Skidder Brush/Rescue Bodies

The Swab Skidder series are medium duty utility bodies designed for maximum payload and efficiency. Built on an aluminum tubular subframe, the lightweight units are ideal for emergency response teams that carry heavy loads of varying equipment. With available custom body dimensions and compartment set ups, your Swab Skidder will be as unique as your organization. Say hello to your dream truck.

Say Hello to Your Dream Truck

Standard features found on every Swab Skidder

  • All-aluminum construction
  • Standard rescue-depth compartment boxes
  • ROM roll-up compartment doors
  • Option hinged slam-shut doors
  • Lightweight design for maximum payload of water and equipment
  • “Sweep-out” compartment floors
  • Rear body kick-up for maximum angle of departure
  • Full body subsils and crossmembers for body rigidity and easy transfer of body to other chassis
  • Full width/height .125″ aluminum tread/bright plate wheelhousing/skirt panels, top body decks and rear kick panel
  • Full width, open-grate Grip-Strut rear body step
  • Custom body dimensions and compartment configurations available
Skidder Brush Truck Diagram

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