Loudoun County Fire & Rescue
Battalion Chief

Loudoun County, VA


Chassis & Floorplan

  • Chevy Silverado¬†¬†
  • Floorplan: Custom
  • MDC
  • Charge guard for the MDC set to 30 minutes
  • 2 Mobile Radio Heads

Compartment Features

  • Customized pick-up truck cap fit with aluminum compartments in Pioneer Series fashion.

Lighting & Audio Features

  • Whelen Legacy Duo
  • Whelen ION T-Series
  • Whelen ION T Series Duo Lights
  • Whelen Tracer Duo
  • Whelen M Series Split Linear Super-LED
  • Whelen ION Mini T-Series DUO Linear LED Light Split Linear Super-LED
  • Whelen 700 Series LED Push Button Dome Light
  • Whelen Pioneer Plus Surface Mounted Lights
  • Whelen Pioneer Surface Mounted Lights
  • Whelen Carbide and Control Center


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